Paull Village Church has wi-fi

wifiSt Andrew Church has Wi-Fi, HU12 8AX

A new community broadband is being arranged from St Andrew Church in Paull Village.  Using radio technology, the new service is able to provide a fast broadband connection independent of any telephone  line or mobile phone and is called the HUBB (HU12 community broadband)

Over a year ago , frustrated by the poor quality broadband available in Paull Village and surrounding rural area, a small group of volunteers with the help of Paull Taylor decided to try and set up their own broadband service.

The church now has a Wi-Fi connection and computers to hand so come a long in coffee shop time, Saturday and Sunday 2 till 4pm, March to October, you can get a great cup of coffee or tea and delicious cakes all while you are surfing the net

The new service is expected to cost £50 for an initial install of equipment and connection charge and then £25 per month by Direct Debit for the service of the HUBB

This service is now available for you if you are in the Paull area, If you are interested ring 01964 668109 or e-mail

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