Archbishop Sentamu to visit St andrew

Archbishop’s Visit
The Archbishop has been making a pilgrimage around the Diocese and will reach South Holderness on the 15th March. It is a Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness Dove - Funeralsand Blessing. He will stay in the Deanery and wishes to spend time each day walking a little, meeting people , praying, and witnessing. The Archbishop is keen to engage with people who are not churchgoers and not spend the week just meeting church people. His visit will culminate with a walk of witness through Withernsea and a Deanery service on Palm Sunday.

On Wednesday 16th March 2016 Archbishop Sentamu will visit Paull for Morning Prayer at 9am, we will then walk to Paull village and meet some children and villagers on the way – we then head along the Humber Bank to Hedon it would be great if you could meet and greet along the way or walk to Hedon with us.  The Wednesday market is on in Hedon so an ideal opportunity to meet people –  then its on to Sproatley and then to Sandhill garden centre Preston, finishing with a prayer service at All saints, Preston

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