Coffee Shop

1018292__cup_of_teaThe coffee shop within the church will open May  –  August — 2 pm till 4 pm every  Sunday

The coffee shop within the church is a perfect venue to base your explorations of the local area and countryside: Brilliant views of the River Humber, walks along the Salt Marsh or Nature Reserve, and then relax in the coffee shop within the church were you will be greeted by friendly volunteers and offered wonderful home-made cakes and a great cup of coffee or tea

We are next door to Fort Paull which is well worth a look  and the local riding school is just down the road

We host the Paull Heritage trail and NADFAS children’s trail

Call in and see us for a friendly chat, warm hospitality and  best ever cakes

We now have Wi-Fi connection at the church and a couple of computers, come a long and use it, surf the net, look up our website or face book your friends.

2 Comments to “Coffee Shop”

  1. Always a very warm welcome from all the volunteer staff. Excellent home made cakes, tea coffee etc. Well worth visiting!

  2. Very disappointed. There is an annual steam rally at Fort Paull on the first weekend in September. We are here this weekend, noticed the signs for tea and cakes every Sunday(as it has been for at least the past three years) in the village and outside the church. This is one of the highlights of the weekend but sadly not this year. What a shame – there is usually a good turn out of steamers to support your event and enjoy the homemade cakes. We did not know it had finished for winter until we arrived. So so disappointing. Regards Mrs Pat Hardy

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