Generous Giving

It is time for us all to consider the future and to ensure that we pass on the legacy of this beautiful Church to our descendants.

We know that most people do not wish or cannot attend the Church Services every Sunday, but we also know that many members of the community would like to see the Church open, kept in good repair and would be willing to contribute in some way.

Currently it costs approximately £1,000 per month to run the Church. This provides our share of the costs for the Priest, insurance, heating, and minor repairs.

We would ask you to consider giving just £1 per week towards the upkeep of the Church and for every £1 you give the government will give the Church 28p from income tax you have paid.

If you are considering this idea and if you are prepared to help then we ask you to complete the attached Standing Order form and take it to your bank, fill in the gift aid declaration form and return it to Mandy Annison (Secretary) at Boreas Hill Farm, Paull, HU12 8AX. to let them know what you have done. Download here

Gift Aid form Download

Rather than pay the full £52 once a year you could pay monthly. Some people may like to give more if so complete the Standing Order form for whatever amount you can afford.

If we all do our bit the Church will continue to be open and maintained so it is there and in the best shape possibly for you when you need it.

Thank You.

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