Thanksgiving and Baptism

We are glad that you want to celebrate the birth of your child with us.

At St Andrew you will be asked to attend a session which explains baptism, answers questions, shares the Christian faith and explains the promises which we make.  You will also be asked if you are not already a worshiping member of the church that you attend at least three of our family services prior to the date of your child’s baptism.  You are welcome to join us for refreshments after the service to chat to people and get to know us.

However we would love to see you at any of our services before or after your child comes for baptism.  We realise that for those who are not familiar with church this may be a bit daunting so we aim to be welcoming, friendly and helpful to everyone who attends our services, especially newcomers.

Thanksgiving or Baptisms are usually part of the service which takes place at 11 am on every first Sunday of the month. We have a maximum of 1 famiy during each service and you book on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The service lasts for about an hour and in addition to the baptism itself includes songs of worship, readings from the bible, teaching from the bible and prayers led from the front.


If for any reason you do not wish to have your child baptised we would be pleased if you would join us for a Sunday Service when we can use a form of prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of a child and prayers  of dedication

This is a special service which can be based on a great family celebration. ‘Thanksgiving’ gives you the opportunity to say thank you to God for your child in front of your family and friends. This option allows the child the opportunity to make his/her own promises when ready.

The advantage of a Thanksgiving service  is that parents do not have to make Christian vows and if you  are unsure about your faith in God you may  feel it is more honest to choose this service.

Your child can be baptised when she/he is ready to make the baptism promise for him or herself.


Baptism is also known as ‘christening’. To have a baptism at St Andrew you must live in the parish of Paull or have a strong connection with the church or parish.

At a Baptism service, the parents and godparents stand at the font and make a public declaration about their own faith and affirm that they will raise the child in the Christian Faith.

Children being baptised require at least three godparents who will make promises on behalf of the child.  At least two godparents must be of the same gender as the child.  The farther, mother, or both may be godparents.  Godparents must have been baptised themselves and the details of when and where they were baptised should be included on the application form.  Godparents are welcome to attend the preparation meetings if they wish

The parents and god parents are required to make various promises and declarations during the baptism service.  The words used in the service, together with some explanation are included

For booking a Thanksgiving or Baptism service please contact

Mrs Mandy Annison 01964 626115

If you wish to know more about the Christian Faith then you will find out much more by attending our Sunday Service.  We also occasionally run a course called Christianity Explored which uses one of the four gospels and a DVD to look at who Jesus truly is and what that means for you today.

A  collection is taken at the service, please give generously, volunteers work extremely hard to keep your church open for you for when you need to use it and your support is welcomed and very much appreciated it helps to pay the day-to-day running costs which are £1000 per month,  so thank you for your support and  generous giving.

Families often want to celebrate after a Thanksgiving or Baptism of their child. This is where you have the opportunity to meet and chat after the service, recently a number of families have made use of the coffee shop area within the church where refreshments can be served, we do have a toilet. Please ask for details if you are interested.

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