We would love to share your wedding day at St Andrew’s.  Marriage is a lifelong commitment and can bring great blessings.  It is great you want to put God at the centre of your marriage.

  • To get married at St Andrew you have to live in the parish of Paull or have a strong connection with the church or parish.
  • You will have a meeting and chat with the vicar about the commitment of marriage; this is to give you support and help.
  • You will be asked to attend a rehearsal night before the wedding day service.

At a marriage service the bride is escorted down the aisle on her father’s (or close friend) right arm.  There will be hymns, words of praise, bible readings and prayers.

During the service the couple, together with a small number of selected guests, move to the table to sign the registers.  You will need two people to witness the signature.  This is traditionally the job of the Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man.

After the service the Bride and Groom head the procession, followed by Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man, other Bridesmaids, Bride’s Mother with the Groom’s Father and Groom’s Mother with the Bride’s Father.

  • The Fees charged for the wedding service are adjusted annually.

Banns are a legal necessity and an ancient tradition of a wedding.  Couples are invited to come to hear their banns read at 3 services before their wedding day.  At the beginning of the service the vicar will say “I publish the banns of Marriage between —+— If any one of you know cause or just impediment why these persons should not be joined together in holy matrimony you are to declare it.  This is for the — time of asking”.

Banns must be read at both the groom and brides church and you have to get a certificate from the  church you are not holding the service in – to confirm that they have been read.

We recommend that you have service sheets printed to help the congregation, please do this  after speaking with the vicar.

We wish you luck with your preparations, if we can be of help please contact.

Mandy Annison – 01964 626115

We have a coffee shop within the church. For small gatherings it is ideal to serve wine and cake as a reception area after your wedding – please ask for details.

Please give generously in the collection, our volunteers work extremely hard to keep your church open for when you want to use it, your support is appreciated.

It costs £1000 a month for the day to day running costs of this beautiful church so thank you for giving generously.

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