Little Saints

angel-in-the-house-940878-sWhen a child is baptised at St Andrew village church,Paull the parents and godparents make a promise before God that they will bring their child up in the Christian faith.  We understand that when you have a young family a church service and its time are not always convenient or encouraging for young children.

We have a Little Saints benefice group which is aimed at young pre- school children so they can start their journey of faith with you , and  the nurturing of  their Christian up bringing in away which is fun and relevant in  todays society.

Little Saints is bible based singing, story telling, prayers together,  music and instruments for pre- school children and parents/guardian’s/carers

It is held in the Church Room- Hedon (opposite Nippers at the back of the public car park, Magdalen Lane), Every Tuesdays from 2pm till 3pm, during term -time

There are toys and juice for children, a cuppa and chat for grown-ups

Ring Mrs Sue Swales for details of the next meeting on:  01482 890292

Download the leaflet here

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